Travel Luggage Protective Suitcase Covers.

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Luggage covers are an ideal gift for someone travelling soon. 
These durable covers not only protect your luggage case during the rigours of travel but also will make it harder for anyone to tamper with your luggage. 
Be envied by other travellers when these bright colours and designs make it super easy to locate your luggage at the airport's baggage claim.

Main Material: Polyester
Item Height: 80 cm
Material Composition: High elastic cloth
Item Width: 33 cm
Item Weight: 310 g
Item Length: 54 cm
Zipper: Durable tough zipper
Both sides: Can be opened from both sides of the (invisible) zipper.
Top opening: Top of case double opening for easy access to luggage handle and to extent or retract the trolley handle
Bottom: Re-enforced for added protection

S size: Apply to 18-20 inch (45-50 cm) suitcase
M size: Apply to 22-25 inch (55-63 cm) suitcase
L size: Apply to 26-28 inch (66-71 cm) suitcase
XL size: Apply to 29-32 inch (73-81 cm) suitcase

These are approximate size guides only

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