Survival Paracord Multi-functional Bracelet with LED

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This emergency paracord multi-functional bracelet has been designed to help you when you get into trouble in the outdoors. The bracelet contains heaps of features to help you over come difficulties including the bracelet band which unwinds to provide you with parachute cord you can use in emergencies. The cord can be used for anything including tying items together or tying things down in bad weather etc, repair torn clothing, repair broken equipment, rig a tow rope , string up a clothes line, replace your shoes laces,  replace a broken zipper pull, rig an improvised hammock, tie snow shoes, make a fishing line, secure your boat or other items,  make a sling for your arm and can act as a connection strap if needed and many other functions that may crop up while you are camping, backpacking, climbing, hiking, mountaineering or other adventure or outdoor activity.

The buckle is also designed for functionality & durability with a built in survival whistle, bright LED light, compass, stainless steel blade and bottle opener. Lets face it this survival bracelet/wristband can be pretty handy when the going gets tough out there and may provide you with the tactical advantage and the help you need to survive.

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