Stylish Velvet Jewellery Gift Box

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A stylish way to gift jewellery in these beautiful display boxes. Sometimes you just need that perfect display box to set off the perfect gift. These boxes are elegant and stylish and look way more expensive than that actually are.

The perfect finishing touch.


  • Open Method: Hinged Lid. 

  • Made From high quality material, good durability.

  • Material: high quality velvet

  • Size:  A:ring/Earring box: 50*60 mm;  B:necklace box: 70*70 mm;  C:bangle box : 90*90 mm;  D:Bracelet box:218*50 mm;   E:pendant box: 70*100 mm

  •   Size: the height of each A 55 mm, B 38 mm, C 35 mm, D 30 mm, E 38 mm

  • Colour: Beige

Package Includes:

1 x Piece Jewellery Box (Only 1 box , others items displayed are not included)


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