Cooling Microfiber Towel

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The Microfiber towel when wet provides a cooling towel that can be used repeatedly. Makes a great gift to anyone who is active or sporty or finds themselves needing a way to keep cool.

These Microfiber towels are made of highly absorbent and evaporative material. Once wet, the towel produces a cooling effect with the help of simple evaporation. As long as the towel is wet and can be exposed to the air and allowed to breathe, the towel will evaporate the moisture in the towel and cool the user.


Step 1. Soak towel with water
Step 2. Squeeze out excess water
Step 3. Shake to activate
Step 4. While towel is still damp but has warmed just shake out to re-cool towel.
Step 5. Repeat above steps whenever towel dries out.


Material: Microfiber Fabric
Size: 30 X 90 cm
Colours: Multiple colour options available
Use: Home, Travel, Sports, Beach, Hiking, Fitness, Yoga, Climbing, anytime you need cooling down.

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