Professional Punching Bag - Boxing / Kick Boxing Bag

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Do you have a burning need to get fit? Have limited space? or just like the idea of the stress relief you will get from hitting something, then this is the ideal fitness system for you.

This bag is ideal for boxing or kick boxing and suitable for anyone over 6+ years of age.

This bag comes in 4 sizes, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm in height and is made of high-quality Oxford material.

The punching bag will come empty, it is recommended to fill the bag with rags, sawdust or Styrofoam beans. It is not recommended to fill the bag with sand as sand is too heavy and will put too much strain on the stitching. Sand is also not recommended as sand has little give when confined and if the bag is hit too hard may result in injuries.

All bags come with chains and connectors for hanging.

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